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“Everyone is very helpful and the relaxed, low key environment, in addition to what I think is great dental care.”Melissa H

“I have always found the staff at your practice very professional and pleasant.”Sharon S.

“Great with kids and very family friendly.”Martha B.

“Friendly staff and very professional and thorough.”Suzy G.

“Everyone is always very professional and smiling.”Carie D.

“On time and very friendly.”Roger S.

“Everyone makes you feel like part of the family and you do great work.”Angela W.

“I feel comfortable and taken good care of.”S. B.

“It was a very nice experience – Clement seemed to have all the time in the world to talk about dental care & me as a person. That was wonderful! The patient doesn’t feel as if he/she is there to fork over the cash. I abhor dentist visits but this is as good as it can be!?”E. D.

“VERY SATISFIED. Dr. Kamron was very attentive and professional.”J. R.

“The Best Choice. Very friendly, considerate and professional. My experience proved they do all they can to do it right and please. I am very satisfied with the group and believe Drs Monroe and Monroe are the best choice.”Sharon I.

“Clement did an excellent job on a difficult implant. I’m very satisfied with the initial procedure and look forward to when the crown will be added.”Jim L.

“Great Service – Great Style – Wonderful Staff. This is the place to be for your dental concerns. Professionalism beyond measure and a wonderfully friendly, caring environment.”Michael H.

“Everyone is so nice and we receive excellent dental care!”Lisa N.

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