First impressions are lasting, and your smile is often the first thing people notice, especially when meeting you for the first time. With the recent advancements in the cosmetic dentistry field, it has never been easier to achieve a beautiful, balanced, and healthy smile. Having a beautiful smile is equally as important as having a healthy smile. Just as the health of the mouth is important to the overall health of the body, the appearance of the smile is important to a person’s overall appearance and self-confidence. Aberdeen, NC cosmetic dentists, Dr. Clement Monroe and Dr. Kamron Monroe, will listen to your goals and assess your oral health during either a routine dental cleaning or a consultation. They will work with you to create an individualized plan of treatment that suits your needs, goals and budget.

Drs. Monroe and Monroe are both highly trained and experienced Aberdeen, NC dentists who offer cosmetic dentistry. As members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), they are dedicated to excellence in dentistry using the latest in treatments, techniques and advanced materials for lasting results and the best possible experience for patients.

Not Just a Pretty Smile

Esthetics is more important than appearance. Our primary focus for cosmetic dentistry is to address underlying functional and health factors that contribute to cosmetic dental concerns. Treating the cause of the problem ensures long-term success of the treatment and the best esthetic result for the patient.

Cosmetic dentistry can repair damaged teeth, brighten stained teeth and reshape teeth that are too short or too long. In many cases, cosmetic dentistry is part of a treatment plan that seeks to restore dental health while improving the appearance of a patient’s smile. The cosmetic treatments Drs. Monroe and Monroe offer in their Aberdeen, NC area cosmetic dentist office are:

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