Reduce Your Risk of Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can be highly detrimental to your overall well-being. You may suffer a blow to your confidence with gaps in your smile. You could struggle with your usual oral functions. And you may face a higher danger of further dental problems in the wake of tooth loss.

A dentist can offer several treatments to replace missing teeth. But ideally, you should protect your natural dental structure for as long as you can. This means taking action to prioritize your oral health and preserve your smile. Read on to find tips from your dentist that can help you avoid tooth loss.

Reduce Your Risk of Tooth Loss

Wear Protective Oral Appliances

Even with diligent oral health care, you might suffer an accident, such as a blow to the face, that can generate enough impact trauma to knock out a tooth. You will need quick emergency attention from your dentist for a chance to get this tooth back in your smile.

But you can reduce your chance of knocking a tooth out of its socket this way in the first place by wearing protective oral appliances like a mouthguard. You cannot always see an accident coming your way, but certain high-contact activities carry a greater chance of this incident.

Then you can wear a mouthguard to cushion impacts that might otherwise hurt your teeth. Athletes, for instance, can find this protection highly beneficial.

You may also want to wear a similar device, a night guard, as you sleep. Patients who grind or clench their teeth at night can benefit from this cushion to prevent an injury to their teeth from the pressure of this behavior. Learn if this appliance can help your unique smile by scheduling a dental consultation.

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

The leading cause of tooth loss in adult patients is gum disease. This common infection allows oral bacteria to eat away at your gum tissue, tooth roots, and jawbone until one or more teeth fall out. You will need periodontal therapy to get rid of this infection because gum disease does not go away on its own.

Severe tooth decay will also cause enough damage to a tooth to make it fall out or require extraction. So to avoid dental problems like these, take proper care of your smile with preventative efforts like oral hygiene.

A good oral hygiene routine will include brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily. Brushing alone will not get rid of harmful residues between your teeth, so do not skip flossing. You should also attend routine dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from your smile where your toothbrush cannot reach.

Keeping your smile clean this way stops oral bacteria from spreading and wreaking havoc on your teeth and gums. Then you can protect your dental structure and lower your chances of tooth loss. Find the appropriate preventative oral health plan for your smile by calling your dentist today.

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