Get Whiter Teeth at the Dentist Office

Patients with stained, yellowed, or discolored teeth can improve the appearance of their smiles with cosmetic whitening. Purchasing a whitening kit from a local store can seem like an easy solution, but professional treatment from your dentist will yield better results. Learn what to expect from teeth whitening treatment at the dentist office with Dr. Clement Monroe and Dr. Kamron Monroe, dentists in Pinehurst, NC.teeth whitening dentist office pinehurst nc

What should I expect with in-office whitening?

In-office teeth whitening treatment can be completed in one appointment, usually lasting for one hour. Your dentist will first thoroughly clean your teeth to prepare your enamel for treatment. They will then apply bleaching gel to your teeth and use concentrated light to activate whitening agents.

To strengthen your enamel and ensure long-lasting results, your dentist will finish the treatment by coating your teeth with fluoride. Proper oral hygiene can preserve your teeth color for one to two years, though you can ask your dentist about touch-up appointment availability.

Can I get professional whitening at home?

The global pandemic makes social distancing a priority, so you can seek cosmetic dental treatment options that lower your risk of contracting COVID-19. Many dentists offer professional quality whitening treatment that can be completed from your own home.

Your dentist can create an impression of your teeth and use it to construct customized trays that you can use for at-home whitening treatment. You can take home the trays and bleaching gel and then place the gel in the trays. Your dentist will provide instructions regarding how long to leave the trays over your teeth for a gradual, beautiful teeth color.

What about whitening kits at my local store?

You can discuss cosmetic dental treatment with your dentist during a consultation to determine which whitening option works best with your aesthetic goals. Whitening kits are convenient, as they can be purchased quickly from your local store. However, the trays are not customized to fit your unique smile, so you might not get thorough coverage or effective color treatment.

These kits may also irritate teeth that are already sensitive, while dentists can work with your symptoms to avoid further tooth sensitivity. They may be a cheaper option, but a more comprehensive whitening treatment can be found at your dentist office.

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