National Children’s Oral Health Month

National Children's Oral Health MonthParents are encouraged to take a proactive approach to their child’s oral health starting at birth. February is the American Dental Association’s National Children’s Oral Health Month. In celebration of healthy teeth, Pinehurst, NC Monroe & Monroe family dentistry shares some facts about caring for your little one’s teeth and gums.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you should bring your baby to the dentist at the first sign of their first tooth?

If your baby is showing signs that their first tooth is erupting, it is time to make their first trip visit our Pinehurst dental care team. Our highly trained and caring staff are dedicated to making family dentist visits enjoyable and educational for you and your children. Drs. Monroe & Monroe believe in building a dentist-patient relationship from an early age so that your child will trust the dentist, instead of fear it.

Did you know that you should never share anything with your child that has your saliva on it?

Many parents do not think twice when sharing their fork or toothbrush with their baby. It may seem natural as you share so much. However, you have bacteria in your mouth that your baby has not yet developed. This bacteria can cause cavities and even gum disease. To help prevent the development of childhood cavities it is best to never share your saliva with your child. The ADA recommends always providing your child with their own toothbrush and silverware.

Did you know that childhood cavities are the most common disease found in children?

Childhood cavities are considered a substantial health problem by the ADA. It is important to keep your child’s gums clean even before they begin to develop teeth. Babies are born with teeth that sit under the gum line. Cleaning the gums after nursing, fluoridated water, and early dentist visits can help prevent early childhood cavities. Once the first tooth erupts it is important to brush the teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day.

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