Change Your Life With Dental Implants

Missing teeth and poor fitting dentures can have a detrimental effect on a patient’s daily quality of life. It is often difficult to eat and speak normally when a denture is slipping or if teeth are missing. In addition, the face will begin to have a premature aged appearance as the jaw bone shrinks after losing teeth.

Dr. Clement Monroe has extensive training in implant dentistry and offers full services for this procedure in his Pinehurst dentist office.

Dr. Monroe can replace one or more missing teeth with dental implants as well as secure a denture, using a process known as “all-on-four.” Dental implants have become the “gold standard” for tooth replacement for several key reasons:

  • Reduce bone loss in the jaw
  • Natural looking AND functioning new tooth/teeth
  • Permanent solution for lost teeth
  • Patients can eat and speak normally
  • NO daily maintenance

During a consultation, Dr. Monroe will examine your oral health and discuss your personal concerns and goals to determine that dental implants are right for you. He will take the time to explain the multi step process and associated costs.

The process takes several months to complete due to the necessary healing time after the implantation of the tiny titanium post into the jaw bone. However, results will last a lifetime with good dental care, providing patients with a comfortable, stable smile that enables them to enjoy the best possible quality of life every day.

Restoring missing teeth or securing a slipping denture with dental implants can be life changing! Your new smile will feel as comfortable as your natural teeth- and function just as well.

If you have been struggling with a poor fitting denture or have lost one or more teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Monroe in Pinehurst to learn more about how a dental implant can give you back your smile.

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